Monday, June 16, 2008

Pick up Group

When i hear this, my skin gets itchy, my hair stands up.

At least when i am on my main. Its not something i would love to do and than pay extreme repair bills.

But currently i am lvling paladin alt. And so called PUGs, are best way to learn to play new character. Mainly, if you want to be healer. I tried to heal all instances till lvl 45, just missing Mara atm.

And i have to tell, i never though, how can some ppl be "noobish".

Normally, when i go PUG instance with alt, i am "hiding" as much as possible. Last weekend i was in SM library with some randoms.

After wipe on Hound master, i tried to educate them. Failed big time :S. I stopped them, explained, step by step, cc, tanking, agro, healer protecting just all the stuff to make instance easy to play.



I had party leader. My mind split up. Kick them all? Or just leave.

I tried again to tell them why we died. All seemed to be fully understanding the reasons and all the crap around.


Suddenly it started to went "smooth" if you can call it like that.

Anyways, we were just not wiping. Slowly, step by step forward, we killed grp, grp behind us respawned, but i had nice feeling that i have learned them at least something.

Last room before final boss. Last two groups. One mage offline. Leroy pull. Ofc, tank with lower hp than mage = dead tank. Tried some cc(pala cc? :o) Anyways, couldnt kill them alone.

My mind was getting to berserker mode.

[GLDeath][Party]: Ok guys
[Mage2][Party]: We are just there, and when mage1 comes back, we gonna do it
[GLDeath][Party]: Ehm
[Palatank][Party]: Kill it, need to key (this one is quoted directly from game)
[GLDeath][Party]: Guys, everything respawned, i am out of here.
[Mage2][Party]: Noooooo it was going so good. Lets try again.
[GLDeath][Party]: Sorry dont have another 3 hours. Cu all, "thanks for party"

Well yes, first time in my life i have left SM group.

Directly after whisper inc.

[Mage2]: &^%##@ $(^%R$# you $#&^%
to: [Mage2]: eh?

Mage2 is ignoring you.

This weekend really gave me inspiration to restart blog.

Yours GL Death

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Some people really make playing our beloved game pain.

Yeah, as any other guild leader, also i have lot of problems in guild.

Normally happens, that guild progress stucks. Pretty normal. If you are not Nihilum.

So when this happens, you can see what players you have.

Always there is core. People that you can 100% rely on.

Than there are others.

Some have patience, some dont.

Worst type of people are ones, that are not able to pay back YOUR patience with them.

For example. Shaman in guild, we are trying new boss like mad.

Yeah. Two days of wipes and nothing. Healing sucks. But noone got blamed yet

Suddenly, Shaman, that got outhealed by all:

[Shammy]: Sorry mate i really have to go off now.

No response from me for a while.

[Shammy]: I really have to wake up early tomorow.

Ok my brain working 100%, kick, kick kick? Or not? More or less decided.

[Shammy]: Ok i see you are really busy. Gl in further raid

Shammy has left the raid group.

Ooook. I am looking for my gkick macro. Finding him in guild roster.

There you go.

[Guild][Shammy]: Sorry guys, but this guild is really not for me, wiping 16 times on boss is just too much for me.

Shammy has left the guild.

You see? People have no respect to patience i have with them.

He failed at healing, he was one of main reasons of our wipes there.

And he even didnt give me the pleasure to kick him myself.

Thats something i call arogant bastard.

Anyways, ill get new one, that i ll kick myself, so no worries about my health for that :D



Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yea, who are trials.

Trials is a person that you believe in.

Trial is a person that wants to be member of your guild for some reason.

Therefore you could think that he will do all to not to fail his trial period.

He comes to guild, horny for raiding, gets into first raid.

Raid is not very succesfull, mainly because of trials.

Next day, trial not online for raid. Without word.

Next day trial not online for raid. Somethings wrong right?

What can you do? Kick.



Invite 3 new trials

You can be sure you ll have to kick two of them np.

So now tell me guys. Why someone applies to guild, if he doesnt want to play with them.

Just to be in? Just to guild name over his head?

Or to have some imbalanced feeling that, hell yeah i am in good guild.

Hell guys, dont even try to apply to my guild.

You ll get kicked with speed of light. And piss me more and you ll get banned.

Got friend GM. So beware!! And start playing finaly :D

Yours Death

Monday, May 12, 2008

People? I doubt it

Good morning.

I am really in bad mood now. Really.

I have toothache, I am tired. Thanks God that i cant login now. Would kick someone for sure.

Yesterday we had nice raid, first time trying Anetheron after migration. Didnt went very bad.

Also my officers showed me that they like kicking, nearly as me :DD

But whats the point.

Officers started raid invites. Great, less work for me :P.

Than it started.

[Trial]: Hey mate, can i get raid invite?
[GLDeath]: No.
[Trial]: Why? I have signed up for raid
[GLDeath]: Because i am not RL and cant invite you
[Trial]: But i have signed up!!!
[GLDeath]: Ye thats very nice. Gratulations
[Trial]: So will you invite me?
[GLDeath]: I cant. And stop buggering me or i ll kick you.
[Trial]: Ok ok, sorry.

Two hours later, raid spot free, Trial invited to raid.

Another hour later, raid over, people going to sleep.

Trial was kicked from guild by Officer

Ye in fact he was so big noob that he proved himself on his first raid ever.

And that damn officer didnt let me kick him alone :S

But anyway, was his first kick, so: Grats from me, and keep up the good work.

Many more incoming :D


Friday, May 9, 2008

Brain power

Hello all again.

There is one thing on wow players, that is really killing me.

As we all know, human can use only 3% of its brain capacities. Right?

Sometimes i have feeling that most of wow players can use 0,5%.

Why is that? I think its serious brain damage caused by being tortured by parents in childs years.

Seriously, is there any other relevant excuse? I dont know any.

I have even put question to aplication form to guild:

"Do you have brain and you are not afraid to use it?"

You can imagine answers.

1. Roger that
2. Ofc i do, and i am not afraid to use it.
3. You can bet on this!!!

And stuff like this. Best one was, when dude, 16 years old applied, wrote there he has brain and that he read rules.

First answer was from one of officers. Quoted his YES on brain question, quoted 18 years rule, followed by Ye sure!!!

Thats something that makes me smile. Or cry. In fact people shows you this way that he might have IQ 100 or under.

Like Forest. He was cool indeed. But u can have one Forest in raid, no more.

Brain damage is really dependant on age, ones living place and people around him.

If you grow up in slam, browsing through junk every day and only words you hear are: "Yo maan", you have like very low possibility to not get hit by serious brain damage.

Other thing that can cause this, is music. Concretely Kelly Family. Or Britney Spears. Whatever.

Listen to this, and you wont be fine ever. I have read one book, where main hero, enslaved God, by closing him to room 2x2 metres and running Kellys An Angel song for 10 000 years.

After he realeased him, he had IQ on a level of deer. Not more. Luckily he was able to swallow :D

Anyway. People playing MMORPG like wow, before subscribing to game, they should be forced to pass hardcore IQ test. If you guys will find game like this. Please let me know asap.

Because this way, its killing me a bit.


Monday, May 5, 2008


Seirously people.

Now tell me. Why someone pays 12 euro monthly for freaky chatting.

Currently i have moved with part of old guild to new server. If a guild leader of working guild has
lot of chat, than now i have CHAT.

Really, WIM addon is saving my life those days. My memory and hands wouldnt be enough to keep track of it without addon.

If you people think its easy to chat and play, yes it is. But not if you talk with 6 ppl in whisper, party, guild and officer chat.

One whisper was imba.

[GMember]: Death what are you doing in Shattrah whole day?
[GLDeath]: Just standing and staring at my perfect character.
[GMember]: You are sick :o
[GLDeath]: Ye and it really makes me good to look at my lock. Am i sick because of that? Right now i am thinking i ll jump to toilet to finish myself off
[GMember]: :O
[GLDeath]: Now stop whispering me, i am getting on it
[GMember]: Youre really sick

GMember has left the guild.

Some people really miss sense of humour.

Anyway, i would like to ask all, if you dont have to, do not whisper to your GL.

It may lead to nerves break, which could lead to some extended guild kicking, in worst cases disband.


Friday, May 2, 2008

Guild bank

First of all. Sorry for delay with posts.

I would say it is obvious that guild bank, is property of guild(master).

And its not meant to be to use just for one man, or few chosen ones. (just one exception).

Now this is where all problems start. How do you divide 5 Flasks of supreme power you have in bank, to 7 magic DPS you have in raid.

I would say its pretty simple, since i am Warlock, and Guild Leader, its going to me by some coincidence.

Yeah you can bet people dont like it that way.

Or, why should we let tanks repair for Gbank money, when all people were wiping on new boss, not only tanks?

Those are questions that bother me a lot. Ok not that much, but they still bother me.

I have a perfect solution.

Gmotd: People stop asking me for stuff from gbank, i am gonna use all by myself!!! L2farm yourselves.

Yea u should see the reaction.

Ofcourse some people understood that in wrong way. They though i am joking.

I wasnt.

One Gmotd.
Casaulties : 3

Still. Why should they want something from there, when they put so little in :D

Signing off GLDeath